Wood Hand Stamps

Wood Hand Stamps

When you want to leave your mark on wood but you don’t want the darkened look a branding iron leaves behind, a hand steel stamp for marking wood may be the answer.  Crafted by Buckeye Engraving to your specifications, these stamps are strong and sharp enough to mark end and face grain.  Our wood hand stamps are suitable for the following applications:

  • Makers mark stamp
  • End grain wood marking
  • Face grain wood marking
  • Designs ¾” in size or less
  • Craftsmen wanting a stamped, rather than branded, look

If you need a larger stamp or a more complex design to mark your wood project, consider one of our custom branding irons instead.

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A hand stamp for marking wood offers craftsmen the ability to leave their mark on both end grain and face grain wood.  At Buckeye Engraving, we make our custom wood stamps from high-quality steel.

If you need help scaling or creating your makers mark or design, the talented team at Buckeye Engraving can help.  If your wood marking needs require a stamp larger than ¾” consider one of our custom branding irons.  Finally, our wood stamps are hand-made right here in the USA.

Additional information


Each wood marking stamp by Buckeye Engraving is customized to meet your needs. Please contact us for a free quote.

Design Details

We manufacture each steel wood stamp to meet your specifications. Our wood hand stamps are ideal for small (up to 3/4") designs. We can help you create your design, use your existing design, or simplify your design if needed. Contact us for a free quote.