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Custom Steel Stamps, Dies, and Branding Irons Made in USA

At Buckeye Engraving, we help you mark your quality work with a custom steel handstamp, die, or branding iron. Whether you need to stamp metal, leather, wood, clay, jewelry, plastic, glass, Kydex, or ingots, we can manufacture you a superior marking tool at a fair price. Let our designers help create your artwork, or they can use your existing artwork. We offer free quotes. After all, if it’s worth making, it’s worth marking.

Custom Stamps for Marking Metal, Wood, Leather, & More

Custom logo stamps, touchmarks, cartouche stamps, & tang stamps. Custom steel hand stamps made made to be striked by a hammer to mark wood, knives, glass, leather, Kydex, metal, clay, & more. MORE INFO

Custom stamping dies for jewelry, wood, pipes, knives, Kydex, & more. Press stamps, clicker dies, Bullion stamps & more made in USA. MORE INFO

Custom branding irons for leaving logo or makers mark to brand wood or leather. Electric heating tool options and temperature control units and different arm lenghts.  MORE INFO

Custom metal stamps for jewelry making, including ring stamps, Hallmarks, tag stamps, bent ring stamps, & more. Mark intricate designs or your makers mark. MORE INFO

Custom logo stamps & makersmark stamps for pipe makers of wood pipes. Stamps for curved or straight pipe surfaces leave crisp, clean marks, and are made in the USA. MORE INFO

Custom knife makers mark stamps for hot stamping, cold stamping, & press stamping your knives, swords, & their sheaths. MORE INFO

Custom logo stamps, makers mark stamps for blacksmiths, forgers, & farriers. Mark your metal with clean, crisp detail with hand stamp or press stamp made in USA.  MORE INFO

Custom makers mark stamp for leather, leather embossing stamps, leather makers mark stamp, allow you to emboss or deboss leather without heat. Brass, steel, & aluminum options. MORE INFO

Custom wood marking stamps allow you to mark your logo, embellishments, or makers mark on face grain or end grain with detail and without heat. MORE INFO

Experience Helping Makers Leave Their Unique Mark
Capital B and E formed in shape of Ohio represents logo for Buckeye Engraving in black lettering
Average Turnaround Time for Custom Steel Stamps

Buckeye Engraving Crafts Custom Stamps, Branding Irons, and Marking Dies to Your Specifications

Buckeye Engraving makes ordering a custom steel stamp, die, or branding iron easy.  Simply fill out our Request a Quote form and attach a copy of your artwork.  If you don’t have artwork yet, our designers are happy to help you transform your throughout into a unique stamp design.  We’re also here to help you select the right size and style of stamp.  Simply tell us what material you plan to stamp and what level of detail you hope to achieve when you fill out the form. With over 30 years of experience helping makers, we can guide you to the right size and style of stamp. In the end, our team designs your stamp to your exact specifications.  You’ll get a clear, accurate estimate as to what your project will cost and how long it will take.  Finally, your quote comes with no cost and no strings attached.

Buckeye Engraving’s Promise to You

We are dedicated to manufacturing quality custom hand stamps and marking products at a fair price.  Moreover, we’re dedicated to providing expert guidance to those needing assistance deciding which stamp will best meet their needs.  Our steel, brass, and other metal stamp options mean we can create the best stamp for a variety of materials.  With over 30 years of experience, our team offers valuable insight into how to achieve the best stamping results for your project, so you can order your custom stamp with confidence. Don’t settle for a pre-made stamp.  Leave your unique maker’s mark with a custom steel stamp by Buckeye Engraving.

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All of Buckeye Engraving’s products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America.  We only use high-quality American-made steel, brass and other metals.

Our goal is to supply a superior, professional custom stamp, die or brand at a fair price.