Custom Knife Stamps

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Hot Stamping and Cold Stamping Custom Knife Stamps

Buckeye Engraving makes custom touchmark stamps for knife makers that leave crisp, clear images. We can craft a stamp to work beautifully with knives made of carbon steel, tool steel, or any annealed steel. Buckeye Engraving’s custom steel stamps allow you to stamp your knife your way. 

  • Cold stamp with hammer
  • Cold stamp with a press
  • Hot stamp with a hammer
  • Hot stamp with a press

Crafted of carbon tool steel, our custom steel stamps for knife makers and forgers are also hardened and beveled to reduce chipping. If you’re looking to stamp your leather sheath, we make custom leather stamps and branding irons, too.

Size of Custom TouchMark Stamp

Sizing can vary quite a bit and is based on how the artwork scales in both height and width. The area you have to work with on the knife also plays a large role in what size will work best. Size can be a personal preference: some wish for their mark to be more subtle, while others want it to stand out more.   The smaller the design the less material will need to be displaced and the easier it will be to mark. The stamping method you plan to use also influences size considerations.

Custom Touch Mark Stamp Design Options

Your method of stamping impacts both what size and level of detail we recommend for your stamp. To understand this better, read our blog: Hot Stamping vs. Cold Stamping. A stamp works by displacing metal to leave a mark, and the larger the image you wish to mark, the more metal you need to displace. Also, the more metal you need to displace, the greater the force you’ll need to exert to leave behind a clean impression. 

cold stamped knife shows makers mark

Cold Stamping

Cold stamping is typically used in stock removal knife making. The knife would be stamped pre-heat treat. You should never stamp hardened steel. 

  • Cold-Stamping with a Hammer

    If your design is sharp-faced, sizes typically range from ¼” to 5/8”.  If your logo or maker’s mark has some bolder design elements (e.g. areas with larger black or flat components that don’t come to a sharp V point at the face of the stamp), then sticking to a smaller size stamp (¼” to ⅜”) is advisable. We can also redesign bold logos to be sharp face for better results stamping cold

  • Cold-Stamping with a Press

    Because stamping your knife blades with a press allows you to exert greater pressure to displace the metal, your stamp size can be larger if necessary.  However, again we advise that the image’s design—sharpness and boldness—need to be considered, too, before picking a larger stamp size even when using a press.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is typically done during the forging process once you have achieved the desired shape of your knife. Knifemakers and forgers who use a hot-stamp method can often work with a larger stamp size, even with designs with a bolder image. When stamping at a forging temperature material is more malleable, making it easier to displace the metal.  Similarly, those who prefer to stamp their knife blades with a hydraulic press can enjoy more flexibility with stamp size and design options.

Hot Stamping by Hand: When hot stamping by hand we offer two different shank lengths.

  • Standard Shank Length ( 3.2”): Use with tongs, side holder, locking pliers.
  • Extended Shank Length (5.5”): Use with a gloved hand.  Can also be used with tongs, side holder, locking pliers.

We’ll Help You Develop a Custom Knife Stamp Design

No matter what method you prefer to use to stamp knife blades, Buckeye Engraving can help you pick the right size and design to get the desired impression.  Our team works with you to make your custom knife stamp uniquely your own. We can help you develop your touchmark from your existing artwork, or develop artwork for you. Our team offers expert advice on design depth, sharpness, and boldness, too, based on years of metal stamping experience.

Custom Stamps for Your Sheath, Too!

For knifemakers who make or mark their own sheaths, our custom leather stamps, and branding irons can help you mark them.

Fast, Free Custom Knife Stamp Quotes

Our custom knife stamp quote process is easy and fast.  Simply upload your artwork on our Request a Quote page and tell us about your knives. Once we understand the metal you’re using, your forging process, and your desired stamping method, we can get to work designing a steel hand stamp or die to mark your knife blades.