Custom Blacksmith Stamps

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Steel Stamps for Blacksmiths & Farriers

Stamp your forged metal work of art with your maker’s mark or decorative touches with a steel hand stamp from Buckeye Engraving. Our custom blacksmith stamps leave lasting impressions on a wide variety of tools and household items, including but not limited to the following:

  • axe heads
  • shovels
  • knives
  • horseshoes
  • gates
  • fences
  • hooks
  • swords
  • tent stakes
  • hammers
  • tongs

Our custom steel hand stamps have the depth and sharpness to leave clear, crisp markings on your forged steel and iron pieces. We can help you create stamps as simple and important as serial numbers to unique logos and decorative embellishments.

Choosing the Right Custom Blacksmith Stamp

As blacksmiths know, getting the desired results when working with any metal starts with understanding all the interconnected conditions involved in the process. Before we can help create the perfect custom blacksmith stamps, we ask each artisan many questions, such as

  • What type of annealed steel or soft metal do you plan to mark? 
  • Do you plan to stamp by hand or use a press? 
  • Will you stamp cold or hot? 
  • What size of mark do you want to make?
  • Is the marking surface flat or round?
  • How much detail is in the marking design?
  • Is your design sharp-faced or bold?

Getting a custom forger’s stamp from Buckeye Engraving involves working closely with our experienced team to create the right stamp based on your answers above. We can design the artwork for you, or revise your existing artwork to create the final impression you’re seeking to make. 

Expert Help Engineering Your Blacksmith Touchmark Stamp

As a blacksmith, you’ve dedicated countless hours to your craft.  Your maker’s mark deserves the same attention to detail. Our team can take you through the process usually in 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how much artwork design and/or refinement you need. Our estimates are free and fast. We ship anywhere in the U.S., as well as to Canada and the UK.

We have over 20 years of experience helping blacksmiths, forgers, farriers, knife makers, and more leave quality marks on their metal art. We invite you to contact us, so we can help you create the right stamp for your project.

After all, if it’s worth making, it’s worth marking!