Custom Jewelry Stamps

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Custom Jewelry Stamps

At Buckeye Engraving, we make custom jewelry stamps, so your creations get the finishing touches you desire. Whether you’re looking for a hallmark stamp, a logo stamp, or anything in between, our experienced engravers can customize it to your specifications.  We commonly create the following types of stamps for jewelers:

  • Tag stamps
  • Hallmark stamps
  • Logo stamps
  • Decorative detail stamps
  • Bent ring stamps

Most of our steel jewelery stamps are designed to be handstamps.  However, we also create stamps for presses.  To get started creating your custom jewelry stamp, click on the Request a Quote button today.  We offer free quotes with no strings attached.  With 30 years of experience, you can be confident our team will lead you to the best stamp style and size for your project.

Custom Mark a Large Variety of Metals

Made from heat-treated steel, our custom jewelry stamps can help you mark a wide variety of metals.  We’ve helped jewelers leave karat, logo, and other marks on gold, silver, steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, titanium, palladium, and more.

Expert Guidance with Artwork and the Level of Detail Desired

Often, jewelers face fitting detailed designs into small spaces.  The engravers at Buckeye Engraving offer over 30 years of experience understanding what level of detail can be achieved at different sizes and on different materials.  As a part of your quote process, they can help you decide which size of stamp can give you the level of detail you desire.  Furthermore, they can assist you in refining your artwork if needed to ensure a clear stamp image.  With both straight and bent jewelry stamps available, you can leave your custom jewelry mark inside of rings as well.

We invite you to contact us, so we can help you create the right stamp for your project.

After all, if it’s worth making, it’s worth marking!