Glass Makers Stamp

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Custom Stamps for Glassblowers, Lampworkers

Looking to leave your maker’s mark on your pontil or punt mark? Buckeye Engraving makes custom brass hot glass stamps that leave clean impressions on your glassware. Our generous shaft length allows you to hot stamp glass with confidence and accuracy. Our experienced team can engineer an original maker’s mark stamp using your artwork, signature or sketch. If needed, we can even help you develop your artwork from concept to sketch to stamp, or revise your existing artwork to suit your stamping needs. All Buckeye Engraving custom hot glass hand stamps

  • Include a premium wooden handle
  • Use brass for the stamp and stamp face
  • Are made in USA in our Kent, Ohio shop
  • Can be specially customized to meet each artist’s unique needs

Our engravers have helped glassblowers and lampworkers leave their mark on their glass masterpieces.  They are happy to help you design a custom maker’s mark stamp to sign your pieces. 

Why Choose Buckeye Engraving for Your Custom Glassblowing or Lampworking Stamp

The Buckeye Engraving team understands the pros and cons of hot stamping. As a result, they know how to design a stamp that delivers optimal results for your glassblowing for flamethrowing projects. They use this knowledge to guide you in terms of stamp size selection, as well as sharp vs. bold face design options. Buckeye Engraving knows that designing a beautiful stamp isn’t enough; that stamp must deliver a clear impression that matches the artistry of your work.

Why brass for hot glass stamps makes sense

We manufacture our hot glass stamps out of brass because

  • Brass enjoys excellent thermal conductivity to match your glass’s temperature for the best results
  • Brass resists rusting when exposed to moisture
  • Brass is hard enough to press a crisp, clean impression, but soft enough not to damage softer glasses during the stamping process

Finally, brass stamps last. You’ll enjoy using your custom maker’s mark stamp for many years to come!

All Stamps Made to Your Specifications

Our skilled engravers  engineer every hot glass stamp to exact user specifications. We take the time to listen to you and understand your glass selection, process, and desired outcome to help you create the right stamp. Then we create it for you. Our talented team can work from your pre-made design or help you design a maker’s mark, logo, or design to stamp on your glass project,  

Fast Turn Around Time and Free Quotes

Once you approve your artwork and size specs, Buckeye Engraving custom makes your stamp usually within 10 days. The process starts with a fast, free quote. 

We invite you to contact us, so we can help you create the right stamp for your project.

After all, if it’s worth making, it’s worth marking!