FAQs About Using Steel Stamps

Buckeye Engraving Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Our Custom Hand Stamp.

Do I have to wear safety glasses while using my steel stamp?

Stamps are hardened steel and may shatter, even when used by someone with years of experience. When they shatter, tiny shards of steel can get in your eyes. As a result, your eyes could become scratched or damaged. Always use safety glasses when using stamps to keep your eyes safe.

How can I learn how to use my new stamp?

To get the feel of your new stamp, first practice using it on scrap materials. This way, you’ll get the feel for the pressure you need to deliver for the effect you want, without wasting valuable pieces in the process.

How do I fix a stamp impression that isn't quite deep enough?

You can always go deeper by lining up the stamp with the first impression and re-striking. In fact, we recommend you start with a light hammer.

How hard do I have to strike my stamp to get good results?

A controlled, even swing will give the best results. Do not try to overpower the stamp. You can always re-align and stamp again if you need the design to go deeper into your material.

How do I keep my stamp in top shape?

First, never strike the face of the stamp with a hammer. Striking the face can dent the design on your stamp or make it unlevel. Also, store your stamp wrapped in a soft cloth to prevent dust and other elements from settling into the fine details.

Can I keep using my stamp if it gets cracked or chipped?

If a stamp chips or cracks, do not continue using it. A cracked stamp may break from the stress of being struck, even when stamping soft material.